Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Linger, a novel by Maggie Stiefvater, is the sequel to the novel Shiver. Like Stiefvater’s previous literary piece, this novel again shows how far people are willing to go, in order to stay with their true love. All of the main characters are back in this novel, along with a few new ones. The novel is told through the perspectives of the four main characters: Grace, Sam, Isabel and Cole. Grace Brisbane and Sam Roth are young yet they know that they are soul mates. They have been through so much in their lives, even though they’ve only truly known each other for a year or so, they understand each other better than any other person ever will. All of the characters in this novel have extremely different personalities but all have one thing in common which allows them to create a bond like no other. Sam was once a wolf but was cured from what he thought was a curse. Sam is ecstatic that he can now set goals for his future that he actually gets the opportunity to achieve; he is still having trouble grasping the concept that he no longer has to worry about suddenly transforming into a wolf at the slightest change in temperature. Sam’s doubt in the cure is shown when he thinks to himself, “I was shuddering uncontrollably with the cold, but I was still Sam” (72). Grace, another character, should have turned into a wolf but due to events that occurred during her childhood, she never shifted into her wolf form. Isabel knows the secret of the wolves because her brother died during an attempt in the last novel to cure the wolves. And Cole, the newcomer has recently shifted for the first time. He is still adjusting to his new life in which he transforms into a savage, wild animal throughout the year. Cole states in the very beginning of the book, “I didn’t know how much time I’d spent as a wolf this go-round. Was it minutes? Hours? Days? It was late morning. I didn’t feel human, but I wasn’t wolf, either. I hovered somewhere in between, my mind skating from memory to present and back to memory again, past and present equally lucid” (29). Cole knew the consequences of his actions, yet he struggles like any of the other wolves with this drastic change in his life. Even though not all of the characters always get along in this novel, they are all there for each other in times of need, and are always bonded in attempts to keep their secret from the public.

As the four characters race against time to discover what truly enables humans to shift into their wolf forms, they are forced to conquer even greater obstacles that develop throughout the plot. All the while, fighting against horrible events that took place in their past that continue to preoccupy their thoughts and impact their lives on a daily basis.
Discussion Questions:

1.) In this novel, Sam and Grace continually fight to stay together even though many forces constantly arise to separate the two. Do you think that if two people are truly meant to be together; nothing, no matter how big the obstacle, will be able to keep them apart?

(2) Do you think that there are any obstacles or events in life that even true love can’t overcome?


Hannah L 13-14 said...

To answer your first question I believe that it depends on the people. If they are truly meant to be together and they really understand that and they are strong individuals they will be able to stay together. There are problems that couples will run into and they have to be willing to work through those problems to keep their relationship together. There are major obstacles that every couple will have to deal with and they will have to be able to work through those problems maturely and continue talking to eachother to stay together. Major obstacles will be harder to get through, but if they really are meant to be together they will be able to get through their problems IF they try. It takes work to stay together and people need to understand that and understand that there will be problems and that the most important thing is to talk to eachother. Communication is key in any relationship and it can get you through even the biggest obstacles.

Heather M. 13-14 said...

To answer the first question, I believe that if two people are meant to be together in a relationship, then no matter what, they will find a way to be together. Every average relationship has its ups and downs and its hard times, but if two people truly should be with eachother, than these typical problems will have no effect on them. Arguments and disagreements will probably occur but those can easily be overcome if its actully true love.

McKenzieM 11-12 said...

I think that if two people are truly meant to be together then they'll stay together as long as they both put in effort. If two people both try, and love eachother despite their flaws or misfortunes then I dont think any obstacle could tear them apart.

Hayley D 11/12 said...

I agree with all of the answers stated above. I think that Hannah and Heather are both correct in saying that problems are bound to arise at some point in the relationship but it is how you handle those problems, that determines whether or not the relationship will last. And like all three of the previous comments state, both people have to be willing to put forth that effort in order to keep the relationship strong.