Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going After Cacciato

The novel Going After Cacciato, is a war novel set in the turbulent jungles of Vietnam. The story focuses around the thoughts of a U.S. soldier, Paul Berlin. Berlin is the leader of the squad, and as such he carries the responsibility for his group of men. The main conflict arises when Cacciato, one of Berlin's soldiers, decides to desert and run off to Paris. Desertion is a crime in the military, so Berlin and his squad are forced to try and track down Cacciato. Ultimately they cannot find Cacciato, but the story continues in Berlin's mind as he daydreams up a fantastical plan where he and his men travel half way across the world in order to find Cacciato. The story is more set in a series of vignettes as was The Things They Carried, focusing more on the emotion of war than any sort of plot. As such by the end of the novel, one is left with a better understanding of a Vietnam soldier's experience rather than any political or moral opinion of war.

1.Berlin uses his mind to escape the reality of war by daydreaming about going after Cacciato. Do you think that it is dangerous to lose focus in war, or merely a way to stay sane?

2. Cacciato deserts the war in order to go to Paris. If you were drafted to fight in a war that you did not want to fight, would you desert? Why/why not.


Kenneth C.M. 13-14 said...

for question 2 i would for sure desert. if i don't believe in the cause of the war then i'm not willing to sacrifice my life for it

Cieran B. 5-6 said...

1. I believe it is dangerous to lose focus for it can get you or others killed in the process. the only time that would be appropriate is if they are not in combat at the time and even that is a stretch.

Mrs. Sherwood said...


Bojana D 11.12 said...

2. I agree with Kenny. I would also desert because if I am fighting for something and risking my life, it better be something I believe in. If it's not, then I'd leave just as Cacciato did.