Thursday, April 21, 2011

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Love is hard, for everyone. But just imagine living in a time when money and status controls everything. In the novel Persuasion written by Jane Austen, Anne is the middle child of her family. Ignored and treated badly by her father and her older sister Elizabeth. They have control over her whole life. When she falls in love with a man named Frederick Wentworth. They were engaged and ready to be married, but her family had other plans. Because he was poor, had no fortune and nothing going for him they took it upon themselves to stop the engagement. With her heart broken she Anne called the engagement and hurt Wentworth when she did. They after this part ways.
But fate brings him back to Anne, but as a well off captain with a fortune of $25,000. Throughout his time with her, he believes her hurting him stopped him from loving her, but when she saved poor Louisa he realized that he still admired her and his affections appeared again. Thinking he is engaged to Louisa, and he getting jealous over a man named Mr. Elliot made their love for each other come out and they knew they were still in love. If you don not want the ending dont read the next few lines... :) in the end they confess there love with each other and get married with the blessings of her father.

1) Do you think parents should have that much control over the life of their children especially
when it breaks their hearts?

2) Persuasion is the main idea of this novel, do you think you can be persuaded into doing something you don't want to do? Even if its from the people you love the most?


Cassie M 11-12 said...

2. I never compromise myself if it is something that crosses my morals. If it is something that I just do not want to do I might do it because I love them. I would not want to lose them if I could help it, but if it is something that I think is completely wrong and they are trying to make me do it, they do not really love me; I would just let them go.

Kaitlyn S. 13-14 said...

1. I think that parents should be able to say their thoughts on the subject but the ultimate choice should be left to their child. Parents at that point should be more of a guiding hand than one who makes all the decisions and says who you can or cannot see.
2. Yes, I've been persuaded many times to do things I do not want to do from other family members. Mainly it was to avoid fights or to not hurt them in some way. When it goes against your morals, endangers someone else, or takes advantage of you, that's when you should put your foot down. If it's something like doing them a favor and harms no one, it's better just to compromise and do it.

Leah A 5-6 said...

1. No parents should not have that much control over their children. Children need to express themselves in their own way and be able to think by themselves with their own ideas.

allie s 11-12 said...

I agree with all of you when you say that parents should have a say and express their thoughts, but over all its the persons choice in life. I believe that people should be who they are and be allowed to love who they love.