Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nineteen Eighty-Three (+1)

1984 by George Orwell is a story about a futuristic time in the year 1984. The main character is Winston Smith who is just a low ranking citizen of society. In this society there is a central, unfaced leader called Big Brother. Big Brother is the leader of the Party, who is in charge of this so called Utopian society. The Party controls everything in Oceania, even the people’s history and language. The Party has brain washed everyone in the society convincing them that Big Brother brings true happiness to the people. However Big Brother has made things like free thought, sex, and expression of feeling illegal. Winston, however, dislikes the Party secretly and always writes down his thoughts in a diary. He must hide his secrets from the thought police and the telescreens that always watch over the people. Throughout the duration of the novel, Winston becomes friends with a very powerful party member named O'Brien. O'Brien is thought to be a secret member of the Brotherhood, which is a secret organization that works against the Party. On his "journey" to stop Big Brother, Winston has an affair with a girl named Julia. Towards the end of the novel, Winston gives up on Julia and we discover that O'Brien has been watching Winston the whole time and has just worked to brainwash him like everyone else. I'm sorry to ruin the ending but we all have read this book sooooo........Winston completely gives in and accepts the Party. Learning to love Big Brother after all.

1.Do you think it is possible for a so called Utopia to take place in the world?

2. What do you feel the definition of Utopia actually is? Because Utopias always fail they are never the perfect society they should be..Why? Is perfect an unrealistic term?

3. If you had the chance to stand up to the leader of a nation like Winston decided to do, would you do it?


Anonymous said...

1. I do not feel a Utopia would ever actually occur. Utopias are literally impossible i think because there will always be someone who will stand up to the oppression. also it would be very hard to take over the world for a complete utopia.

2. I feel the definition of Utopia is still a perfect society. utopias can never truly be perfect because someone or something will always have a different opinion. and it is highly unlikely for something to completely control the thoughts of every human. so there will always be uprisings. perfect is definitely unrealistic.

3.I think i would stand up for what i believe in because that is what i do anyways but i dont think i will ever have to do something this extreme.

Alexander C. [13-14] said...

1. Yes i believe a Utopia could possibly take place but on one condition. i would have to lead this society. i think i could do it..but actually no. it is too unethical and the economy would never go for it.

2. Utopia means perfect society Jim..come on. they always fail because as you said already, it is impossible or highly improbable that everyone will be brainwashed. well not in our time. perfect only describes one thing...Mrs. Frank's english class.

3. I wouldnt have to stand up to the leader. i am the leader.

Anonymous said...

1. alex...i would be your number 2 because you would lead the best utopia ever! haha i mean youre student govt. pres. ahah.

2.dont make fun of me. it is a legitimate question. and i dont appreciate yor sarcasm my friend. i wonder is sr. akin blogs....

3. i would lead you though..sorry.

Matt P. 13-14 said...
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Jacob B 11-12 said...

I believe utopias are impossible. There are so many different people in this world with so many different definitions of a perfect world. James and alex are the perfect example. Each feels that a utopia would involve themselves ruling.

tyler k 13-14 said...

I believe the so called utopia could onlt exist as an individual's ideal place. Since everyone has different views of how to live their life and what makes them happy, your utopia is whatever you make of it.

Mrs. Sherwood said...

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