Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a novel full of deceitful girls, fabulous clothes, and a secret no one can ever talk about. Alison DiLaurentis, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields are unlikely best friends. Spencer is the only girl with enough gall to stand up to the marvelous “It Girl,” Ali. Aria is just lucky to have friends because she’s known as a weird outsider. Hanna is a pudgy wanna-be, and Emily is completely confused. However, on the last night of seventh grade, the girls have a sleepover in Spencer’s refurbished barn, and get in a huge fight when Spencer refuses to by hypnotized by Ali. That is the night Ali disappears.
Over the next three years the girls all go their separate ways—Hanna gets skinny (by making herself throw up), becomes best friends with Mona, a girl they all used to tease, and the pair becomes the new “It Girls” of Rosewood Day school. Aria moves to Iceland (after her dad cheats on her mother with a student of his) and returns with a new attitude, style, and superiority complex. Spencer throws herself into school-work and is obsessed with beating her older sister Melissa (this includes stealing Melissa’s British fiancĂ©, Wren). Emily gets involved with the swim team at school and her and her boyfriend, Ben, are the sporty couple (though, she shouldn’t be with him because she might be gay. She’s not sure).
When new neighbors move into Ali’s old house and start to tear apart the backyard to build, Ali’s body turns up. It’s now quite clear that this was a murder. Once the body is uncovered, the four girls start getting mysterious messages from someone named “A,” and A knows all of their secrets. Could A be Alison? Or her murderer?

1. How would you feel if you started getting texts from a random person who knew all your deepest, darkest, possibly illegal, secrets? What would you do?

2. In any of the girls predicaments (bulimia, boyfriend-stealing, dad-cheating, or sexuality issues), what would you do? Who might you turn to?

3. If you had a group of friends and one suddenly went missing, would you drift from your friends, as these girls did, or would you stick with them.


Kristen R. 11-12 said...

To answer the first question, if I started receiving texts from a random person who somehow knew everthing about me, I would be really worried. I would be paranoid that someone was following my every move. I would probably go to the police, although, I'm not sure that they would be able to do anything. To answer the second question, in the case of bulimia, if I were having this problem or knew that one of my friends was, I would seek help from a trusted adult or a counselor. I would want to try to stop the problem before it would get too serious and virtually become unstoppable. To answer the third question, if I had a group of friends and one of them went missing, I think it would be even more important to stick together. I think if these girls would not have drifted, the problems that they each encountered might not have occurred.

Ashley A. 11-12 said...

1) I would be very upset and I would want to do something, but I don't think I would be sure what to do. Especially since, if this were happening, I wouldn't be thinking rationally and I would freak myself out way more than necessary.
2)With any of those issues, I think it's important to talk to a mature person that the eprson trusts so that they can get control of the situation before it gets out of hand.
3)I deffinately wouldn't drift from my friends because we would have to support each other and stay together.
so don't go missing. kay? kay. :)

Amanda Z. 11-12 said...

I would be completely paranoid too but I think I'd be kind of afraid to go to the police. The girls in the novel were idiots and tried to go to the police regularly and actually started to be known to the media as "The Pretty Little Liars" so that actually did more harm than good. Obviously, in the case of any disorder or really any major issue you should go to a trusted adult, kind of a no-brainer. And with my last question, I think these girls were pretty moronic and caused so much more trouble for themselves because they had to get reaquainted with one another. Had they just stayed friends when Ali went missing (don't worry Ashley, I'm not gonna disappear in a hole. just don't push me in one. [-: ), the shock of seeing her dead would have been a lot easier to handle.

Kelsey M. 11/12 said...

In response to number one: I think that is everyones worst fear. You are always afraid that someone will find out your deepest, darkest secret and use it against you. I think if someone texted me out of the blue like that, I would be very scared. I would try to blow it off, but they obviously know something about me that I wanted to be kept secret. I don't really think there is anything you could do to prevent them from telling others. It may get to the point where you just have to accept your issue and not care if others find out. It is your life and not anyone elses business.

Kaitlyn H 11-12 said...

2). If I was in any of these girls predicaments, I would turn to my best friends to help me get through it all. It would be difficult to be these girls in this novel because they had all gone their separate ways.

Julie S. 5-6 said...

If someone was texting me and harassing me I would probably tell my parents and get their number blocked.

Mrs. Sherwood said...

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